Johnston, John, Coal Merchant, 65 Bayard st. Adelphia, 23.

W. M. Bedford, 14; K. Bedford chap. 34; Bedford cor., Locksmith Dundalk Louth 7 Duncan, Wm., Farmer and Hardware Merchant.

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190 Dundee, Dundee, Kane co 1st and 3d Fridays 191 Xenia, Xenia, Monday on’or be. 192 Farmington, Farmington, Fulton co Saturday bef. M., and ~,0~ every 2 w’ks thereaft. 193 Herrick, Pontosue, Hancock co Monday on or bef. 194 Freedom, Freedom, Lasalle co Saturday oi or bef.

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Somerset, 34; R. A. Capt. Franklin chap., 4. Brewer, Wm. [newline]L., Attorney-at-law. P. M. Somerset, 34; G. M.’Franklin coun.

Lohman, Herman, Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealer, 514 Water st. Herman, 268. Long, Thos. C., News Agent, 21 and 23 Ann st. Excelsior, 195.

Hospital In Dundalk ,louth , Ireland

P. M. Clinton, 47; P. H. P. Hiram chap., 18, R. M.; G. P. Massillon corn., 4; P. J. G. W.; P. Dept. G. H. P.; G. Mi. Of Grand Corn.

W. La Fraternidad, 387. Cavan, David, Commission Merchant, 171 Water st. J. W. Central, 361. Chapman, John, Coach Painter, 325 Sixth av. W. Hope, 244; Metropolitan chap., 140; Adelphi coun., 7. Chase, Geo.

Green, Jonathan, Tailor, Shasta City. P. M. St. John’s, 37; Shasta chap., 9. Kitts, David B., Miner, Indian Creek. S. W. North Star. Brown, Edward, Miner, Campo Seco. Campo Seco, 100.

Suss, Daniel, Cutter, 502 Eighth av. Naval, 69; Metropolitan chap., 140. Swan, J. S., Leather Merchant, 38 Spruce st. S. D. Joppa, 201. Swansboro, Wi., Grocer, 26 Pearl st. Adelphic, 348; Adelphic chap., 158. 338 UNIVERSAL MASONIC RECORD. Madrigal, Antonio D. Gr., 21; G.

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J. P. P. M. Shelby, 28; P. H. P. Shelby chap., 20 T. I. G. M. Shelby coun., 3; Greensburgh corn., 2; P. G. L., P. G. H. P., G. P. G. C. P. Dept., G. M. Grand Corn.; Pres. Janes, J. W., i anufacturer and Dealer in Boots and Shoes. Shelby, 28; G..

Vanfelt, Wm. D., Ship Joiner, Messerole av. Thrall, W. H., Cooper, 64 Rutgers’ Slip. Thrall, John, Grocer, 191 Chambers st. Benevolent, 28. Thurston, A. Henry, Physician, 75 Madison av.

Salem, 38; Indiana coun., 1; Bedford com., 7. Miller, Robert W., Weaver. Salem, 21 Morrison, John J., County Treas. P. S. W. Salem, 21.

B., Supervisor, Division No. 7 P. R. R., Mountain, 281; chap., 189. Hickeox, 0. B., Hotel Keeper, Springville, Susquehanna Co. arren, 240; Warren chap., 180. Jaret, Phason, Civil Engineer, Lock Haven, Clinton Co. Lafayette, 199.

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Helme, John M., Shipwright, cor. G and Washington st. Greenpoint, 403. Halsted, Wm., Proprietor h&h locksmith gaithersburg of Eastern District Hotel, 46 Greenpoint av. Jones, Edward, Proprietor, Franklin House, cor.

427 Pomeroy, Lemuel, Book-keeper. Rose, Enos, Farmer. Roby, John S., Brewer and Forwarder. Seely, William H., Minister of the Gospel. Erie, 239; Medina chap., 30.

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F., Manufacturer of Flour. Warren, 24; Piqua chap. 31; Lafayette coun., 10. Dorsey, G. Volney, (MI. D.) S. W. Ward, 281; Piqua chap., 31. Foster, W. N., Attorney, J. P. P. M. Warren, 24; H. P. Piqua chap., 31; P.

  • H-all, Robert, Blacksmith, West Point Foundry.
  • W.M..Montgomery, 50.
  • Dayton, 147; Unity chap., 16; Reese coun., 9; Reed corn., 6.
  • Cox, Geo., Restaurant, cor.
  • Franklin coun., 14.

Union, 31; H. P.,Union chap., 7; P. C., Cushing coun., 4; 3d Guard, Palestine encpt., 6. Treby, Isaac, Asst. Postmaster.

Tyler, U. D. Louisville chap., 5. Swain, AM. B., Merchant Tailor. No. 4 Masonic Temple; J. W. Excelsior, 258; R. A. C. Louisville chap., 5; Louisville coun., 4; Louisville corn. MILLINSBURY.

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W. M. Richmond, 196; S. Chap., 4; P. C. W. Wayne coun., 10; Connersville coin., 2. Iarris, B. W., Merchant. Webb, 24; G.

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Darlington, John D., Carver and Composition Ornament Manufacturer. 204 Centre st. Yew Tree, 461. Daub, Lewis, Wine Merchant, 4 and 6 John st. German Union, 54. Davenport, Saml. S., 248 West Twenty-ninth st. Benevolent, 28; Phoenix chap., 2; Morton corn., 4. Davies, Julian G., Piano Forte Wareroom, 6 Astor place.

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