Further cost savings by means of reduced labor and upkeep costs in the long run due to its ease of use and reliability.

The quickest way to check the design of your existing couplings is to measure the machined diameter of the adapter. If the adapter is usually bigger than 9” O.D, then you have the Original Style #1. There is a variety of Camlock Fittings ranging from Type A to Form DP. The table below shows the full description by Camlock type and connection type. Camlock Fittings By K&G MachineryAvailable in measurements from ½” around 6”, K&G Machinery offers several Aluminum Cam and Groove Fittings. Available in a series, all the styles of Camlock connectors are consistent throughout all manufacturers. In this blog, we shall be reviewing the distinctions between Camlock series 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, and 23.

Stainless steel camlock Coupler Style C

Type C stainless camlock couplers – Feminine coupler by hose tail, are employed with Type E commonly, A, F and DP (Dust Plugs) of exactly the same size. Available in 1/2″ through 6″. Stainless steel coupling includes two components – coupler and adapter.

Coupler Size 8 in . Camlock x 8 inch Female Pipe Coupling Type A physical body Material Aluminum Weight 4. 10 lbs 50 psi at 70 F Stress … Please be sure to contact us if there isn’t a KC nipple size or fittings related item that you can’t appear to find here and we would be happy to assist you. Seal Fast’s history as reduced fitting supplier extends for nearly a century, since our founding in 1933 as the J.E. We’ve since expanded from the single product line to provide a comprehensive catalog of different and globally distributed remedies. Sanitation and Cleaning.Camlock fittings certainly are a natural choice for industrial cleaning providers, simplifying transportation and storage while preventing leaks in the field.

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Connect to the end of a hose bib faucet Easily, male end of a normal water hose or some mop sinks with a male garden hose thread. Camlock Hose Fittings certainly are a superb assembly for the dairy market. That, combined with the Camlock Screen Gasket or Sock Screen, make liquid transfer from truck to silo a piece of cake. The Camlock Screen Gasket fits right into the Camlock fitting, making a tight seal and screens out particulates during transfer.

What are cam lock hose fixtures?

Camlock fixtures have both a female and male end, and also arms that help to lock the ends jointly when they connect. The male and female ends are made to align perfectly with one another.

It’s relatively easy to measure Camlock fittings, for example, if the hose shank or threaded finish is 2” then your Camlock fittings will be referred to as 2” Camlock fittings. Although brass material isn’t as strong compared to stainless steel material, it is highly resistant to harm and corrosion still. Brass material performs especially well against saltwater rust, so it’s most within marine system applications typically. Camlock fittings are able to handle the majority of liquid, powder, and gas transfer applications without premature wear, because of their rugged construction.

Pro Flow Dynamics has generated this website specifically focused on all of your cam lock fitting wants, servicing customers all around the United parts and Says of Canada and Mexico. We supply the best priced good quality camlock camlock and fittings couplings which may also be called camlock hose fittings, a hose cam lock, cam fittings, a cam coupling and cam lock hose connectors. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer support and unbeatable prices. From cam and groove fittings, gaskets and Cam alternative arms , to ball valves and threaded fittings we supply top quality products typically with very same day shipping.

Agriculture.Durable, corrosion-tolerant camlock fittings succeed in agriculture applications, which expose fittings to humidity and temperature fluctuations together with harsh chemicals. Bauer couplings will be specialty socket and ball connections, designed primarily for used in irrigation, other and dewatering agricultural applications. This form of fitting comes in lightweight widely, durable galvanized steel in sizes ranging from 4” to 8”. Camlock fittings are the preferred choice for most home and experienced brewers alike.

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These camlocks are made with a long lasting mold casting enabling optimum strength capabilities. Each panel features five camlock connectors — three AC phases, plus neutral and ground. Pumps.Camlock fittings are a top choice for wall plug and inlet pump connections across industries. Aluminum.Aluminum is a lightweight metal having an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Pro Flow Dynamics, LLC has created this website for all your cam lock fitting requirements specifically. Available in dimensions from ½” up to 6”, Pro Move Dynamics offers several Lightweight aluminum Cam and Groove Fittings. These Aluminum Camlock Fittings will be the most common couplings available in the market, with unique cam and groove couplings accessible upon request. Nitrile is a manufactured rubber that improved chemical substance temperature and resistance functionality to neoprene. NBR material seal gives good resistance to solvents and natural oils, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, petroleum oils, and gasoline’s and animal fats and lacquer solvents. Its poor level of resistance against strong oxidizing brokers, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, and esters.

This kind of coupling is popular because it is known as in industries to be a simple and economical way of connecting and disconnecting hoses to one another, or for fixtures on tanks, apparatus, etc. The “fast disconnect” or business part of the camlock system includes male and female elements. The male side is a cylinder having an external concave recess around the circumference and a entrance sealing face. This 12 inch women camlock x flange adapter is manufactured out of 356 Aluminum that has been temperature treated to T6 guaranteeing the highest quality and performanc… This 10 inch feminine camlock x flange adapter is made from 356 Aluminum that has been warmth treated to T6 making sure the highest quality and performanc… The Camlock Coupling by Environment friendly Leaf is really a simple and reliable way of connecting and disconnecting equipment that transfers liquid like sprayers, pumps, hoses, and many other applications.

Camlock Aspect B Male Coupler

The AL2030DA ALUMINUM 2″ Woman Coupler X 3″ Male ADAPTER Cam Lock fitting. Aluminum construction makes for a light-weight durable Cam & Groove Fitting. The pull ring safety clip simplifies the locking action on Boss-Lock™ couplers.

Do You Know The Common Software For Camlock Fittings?

So that you can help balance out our camlock coupling supplying, we introduced our stainless steel ball valves in 316 grade stainless to compete with expensive brass ball valves currently on the market. Many of our customers use these ball valves for DEF applications or general chemical/commercial projects that require corrosion resistant wetted materials. Camlock fittings—also referred to as cam and groove couplings—are usually sturdy connectors used to join hoses or pipes. Unlike many high-effectiveness couplings, camlock fittings install with no tools required rapidly.

Choice of Double Place Screw or Threaded Write-up building connections. Choice of 90-degree camlock receptacles on the bottom of the enclosure, 90-diploma camlock receptacles on the right side, or 45-diploma camlock receptacles on the right. ANSI-61 gray powder covered 0.075 carbon steel for lengthy corrosion and life resistance.

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Stainless steel groove and cam couplings, in particular, provide simplicity and toughness needed in hazardous coal and oil facilities. Durability.Seal Quick has much time provided camlock fittings ideal for probably the most extreme working environments, including those found in gas and oil and mining applications. Our camlock fittings are built to last from long-lasting materials such as stainless and polypropylene, permitting them to resist wear and rust across varied work internet sites. The primary advantage of camlock fittings is their simplified set up. Unlike most other couplings, groove and cam fixtures connect or disconnect in seconds without tools.

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You’ve kept to thread them jointly yourself nonetheless it can be put into the cart with one click on and you will save a buck also. This is ideal for the hose finishes that connect to your vessel bulkheads. When the three or four toes of silicone gets filled with liquid, it would tend to draw and kink the tubing if you employed a horizontal barb lower. The only spot we don’t recommned this is on the suction or inlet section of a pump.

The Moro USA 4” form A provides leak-limited connections to additional cam-lock fittings. The Camlock Coupling by Green Leaf, often known as a groove and cam is really a form of hose coupling. This type of fitting is popular because it is a simple and reliable way of connecting and disconnecting equipment that transfers liquid like sprayers, pumps, hoses, and several other applications. Green Leaf’s line of camlock fittings are made to interchange with other brand names and materials like light weight aluminum and stainless steel.

  • This kind A camlock fitting includes a 4″ male camlock easy connect coupling using one side and a 4″ female NPT theads on the other side.
  • This kind of coupling is popular because it is considered in industries to become a simple and economical way of linking and disconnecting hoses to each other, or for fixtures on tanks, tools, etc.
  • Pro Move Dynamics’ Polypropylene camlock couplings can be found in measurements ½” to 4”, with other sizes out there upon request.
  • Camlock Fittings are used for hose-to-hose or hose-to-pipe connections mainly used for transferring liquids.
  • We supply the best priced quality camlock camlock and fittings couplings which may also be called camlock hose fixtures, a hose cam lock, cam fittings, a cam coupling and cam lock hose connectors.
  • Then, fit the required male adaptor into the female coupler end.

None of our goods are intended to be used together with clean drinking water unless stated otherwise. We present a premier range of high quality Groove and Cam Couplings. These Cam Lock Hose Connectors generally known as a Cam lock Coupling or Cam Lock Hose Fittings and are mainly used in the Coal and oil, Food and Beverage and Agriculture Industries.

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Stainless steel material is recommended for some manufacturing fittings because of its strength, corrosion opposition, and able to withstand extreme temperatures. This mix of properties makes stainless steel material the ideal alternative for beverage and meals system applications, which require frequent high-temperature sanitation protocols. Moreover, their durability and corrosion resistance components lend themselves to marine, oil and gas, and other demanding environments similarly. Camlock fittings are ideal for the most extreme working environments, including those in oil and gas and mining applications. Camlock fittings are designed using durable materials such as stainless steel, allowing them to resist wear and corrosion across varied work

Aluminum Male Camlock Fitting

Browse our range of ½” to 4” glass-reinforced polypropylene fixtures online. We offer a range of lightweight and long-lasting aluminium camlocks online. With precise workmanship on every product, our fixtures provide a reliable connection for several pipes and hoses. Our aluminium fittings can be found in a variety of measurements, from ½” to 4”. Browse our products to locate a suitable fitting for your project requirements.

All Kamlok couplers and dust caps feature the exclusive Twin-Kam™ arm design to greatly help prevent accidental let go, and Spring-Ring™ … Moreover, series 16 and 18 Cams are normal sized cams that are also obtainable in connector, plugs, or receptacle kinds. The sequence 16 and 18 Camlocks are designed to withstand a higher ampacity, rated for no more than 400 Amps. Sequence 18 Camlocks have a more recent design, and an ergonomic grip which allows for an easy link with a charged power resource. This new design is often known as “Ball Nose” cams whereas Series 16 Camlocks tend to be referred

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