Janov writes in The Primal Scream that primal therapy has in some techniques returned to Freud’s early ideas and techniques.

They are licensed in XO-9 and X-10, S&G 2740 and LKM 7000. Some French feminists, included in this Julia Luce and Kristeva Irigaray, have been influenced by Freud as interpreted by Lacan.

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  • Following the “Cocaine Episode” Freud ceased to publicly advise the use of the drug, but continued to go on it himself occasionally

These concerns were as well shared by a few of his European colleagues. Eventually, an arrangement was reached enabling societies autonomy in placing criteria for candidature. His explorations of his feelings of hostility to his father and rivalrous jealousy over his mother’s affections led him to fundamentally revise his concept of the origin of the neuroses.


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He did, on the other hand, in response to his critics, maintain a steadfast objection “to all of you … to the extent you don’t distinguish more between what is psychic and what’s clearly biological…” Initiating what became the initial debate within psychoanalysis on femininity, Karen Horney of the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute set out to challenge Freud’s consideration of femininity. Rejecting Freud’s theories of the feminine castration complex and male organ envy, Horney argued for a primary penis and femininity envy as a defensive formation rather than arising from the actual fact, or “injury”, of biological asymmetry as Freud placed. Horney acquired the influential help of Melanie Klein and Ernest Jones who coined the word “phallocentrism” in his critique of Freud’s position. In his 1917 essay “Mourning and Melancholia”, Freud distinguished mourning, painful but an inevitable part of existence, and “melancholia”, his name for pathological refusal of a mourner to “decathect” from the lost one.

Juliet Mitchell defends Freud against his feminist critics in Psychoanalysis and Feminism , accusing them of misreading him and misunderstanding the implications of psychoanalytic concept for feminism. Mitchell helped present English-communicating feminists to Lacan. Mitchell is criticized by Jane Gallop in The Daughter’s Seduction .

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The title “professor extraordinarius” was vital that you Freud for the acknowledgement and prestige it conferred, there being no income or teaching duties attached to the post (he would be granted the improved status of “professor ordinarius” in 1920). Freud had considerably admired his philosophy tutor, Brentano, who was regarded for his theories of introspection and perception. Brentano discussed the achievable existence of the unconscious brain in his Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint . Although Brentano denied its presence, his discussion of the unconscious probably helped introduce Freud to the concept.

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The Committee continued to function until 1927 where time institutional advancements within the IPA, like the establishment of the International Teaching Commission, had resolved concerns about the transmission of psychoanalytic concept and practice. There remained, however, significant differences on the issue of lay analysis – i.e. the acceptance of non-medically qualified applicants for psychoanalytic training. Freud set out his case in favour in 1926 in his The Concern of Lay Analysis. He was basically resolutely opposed by the American societies who expressed considerations over professional criteria and the risk of litigation .

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