The adhesive was impressive because it allows the lock to work on most surfaces.

If you are looking for a window lock, you can check out Burglabar. It is easily installed, has a transparent look and offers high level safety for the home especially the kids. Most options will work with all three materials, but some don’t. It’s also worth noting that many of these locks won’t work with screen doors.

Can a key be made for a lock without the key?

If it’s a lost key a locksmith can make you a key without the original, as locksmiths can make keys to lock by hand. By using a blank and a file and the skills, they’ve developed over the years a locksmith can create a key from scratch without the need for an original key.

It’s a thumb-turn model with a die cast inside pull available at a really good price for people looking for some extra peace of mind. Different materials are used to make sliding glass doors. Most of the time, a door lock will work for any sliding door. However, if it has certain features, it might be more compatible with some sliding doors and not so much with others.

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It’s resistant to bolt cutters and hacksaws, and it comes with keys to lock the bolt for additional security. This key blank is specially made to fit patio flush mount sliding glass door sets from Barton Kramer. If you don’t want people watching you through your sliding glass door but don’t have curtains or blinds, window film can help you out there too. Some window films have designs on them that let you see out but don’t let others see in.

What is a skeleton key called?

A skeleton key (also known in North America as a passkey) is a type of master key in which the serrated edge has been removed in such a way that it can open numerous locks, most commonly the warded lock.

Honestly, I found installing them to be a piece of cake and didn’t even require a single use of a tool. I was pleased by the durability and reliability of this lock’s construction. My nephews didn’t manage to open up the sliding door leading out to our pool with it intact. If you’re on a budget, you can use a simple wooden dowel instead, however, keep in mind that a dowel is less resistant to shaking (therefore it’s less secure). If you don’t have the budget for a smart lock but need an electrically powered lock for some reason, you might want to have a closer look at electromagnetic locks.

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There are types of door locks that can also serve as childproof AND security measures. If your goal is to prevent unlawful entry and keep children away from restricted areas, then you should shop for locks that can be used both ways. Sliding door security can be a concern, whether in homes or businesses. Shop Grainger’s selection of sliding door locks to help safeguard against unwanted entry. Choose from disc- and pin-tumbler locking mechanisms, keyed alike or keyed different, with bright nickel or dull chrome finishes. [newline]Secure your wood sliding doors with durable sliding door locks from Grainger. Distributor of sliding door locks for wooden, fiberglass and aluminum extrusion doors.

Each one can withstand an impressive 300 to 450 pounds of force. Plus, this option comes with two locks rather than one to provide more convenience and home security. Although it requires screwing and drilling holes, installation is pretty straightforward. What I most like about it is that it allows me to lock the door in a partially open position. These locks are by far the most expensive ones on the list, however, it’s also true that no other lock type features automation and remote accessibility. So if that’s what you need, this might be a good choice for you.

  • Both a teardrop latch lock and a hook latch are subtle in their size and features, making either a great option for a bedroom lock.
  • Some handles allow you to add a key cylinder, however, if yours don’t, you’ll also need to get a new door handle.
  • Most of the doors below can be used with any locks, aside from a few exceptions.
  • For rooms that have a steady flow of people traffic, you may want to opt for an entry sliding door lock.
  • The first step is determining the weak points of a sliding glass door system.

That said, the Haven lock does give you a legitimate option to add smart locking capability to your sliding door. The option to get it with the Z-wave module ensures that you have full home automation capabilities. Lock repair is what most people think of when they picture how to fix a sliding door lock. This is the process of mending or replacing parts of the lock without changing the lock entirely. Doing this work yourself is not always possible and often requires a locksmith. Lubrication can fix a sliding door latch stuck in the locked position or even get a latch that is not extending to move again.

Parts can be run in master dies with interchangeable cutting inserts. Die casting is available with capabilities for producing parts up to 9 oz. With computer controlled machines allowing fine adjustment & castings can be trimmed on site. Custom machinery is fabricated to process die-castings with secondary operations including drilling, reaming, tapping, chamfering & deburring.

Add A Rod In The Tracks

Sliding door locks are available in various types with 1 lb., 2 1/2 lbs. Sliding door locks are also available with two and three locking points, door tight seals, padlocking handles and gray powder coated finish. A keyed step-on patio door lock with steel latch lever and bolt to prevent sliding or lifting of door.

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My rambunctious cat kept trying to make its way into a cabinet with this lock on it. I’m happy to report that he never figured it out, and it’s a rarity when he doesn’t get his way. Moreover, the lock’s adhesive wasn’t challenging to remove from those surfaces. These locks end up providing the best of both worlds and ensure installing them is a walk in the park.

This lock works by placing it on the track of a sliding door and using the thumbscrews to secure it. This is a simple and effective way to secure the sliding door. To make it work, cut the rod to size and place it on the track. The dowel is attached to the inside of the sliding door. If anyone tries to break into your home with this in place, they will have a hard time getting in.

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They tend to be expensive, can be difficult to install, and usually require ongoing subscriptions. But for a vulnerable spot like a sliding glass door, a security camera is a top-notch solution. Because of these factors, something simple like a hook and eye latchor a teardrop latch would be perfect for this room. The first thing to consider when purchasing a sliding barn door lock is to analyze the specific needs of your room. Available electronic locks include enclosure, cabinet, locker, 19 in.

It’ll blend right into the background while keeping our home safer and free of intruders. But sadly, I did see some customers have issues with this lock working on cabinet doors with raised curved surfaces. It seems the product won’t slide onto these types of doors correctly. It slips onto a glass door’s edge at any location without any complicated steps or actions needed. But the design is a bit less durable than I’d like in my lock. I usually prefer my locks to be either aluminum or steel-based rather than plastic.

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Overall, it works on a fail-safe operation and it is easy to install. Install its locking cylinder into the door’s lock frame. Proceed to place the key into this cylinder and see if the lock turns correctly. The device offers these benefits without taking up much room, as well. It’s a lightweight, low-profile solution to sliding door protection.

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So kids, teens, or other adults might be able to loosen the thumbscrews and open the door to go outside. Comparable to Quality No. 100 Sliding door lock and pull for passageway doors Easy installation… If you keep an obvious camera trained on your sliding glass door, burglars and other intruders are less likely to mess with it. Once you have a better understanding of your room’s locking requirements, you’ll want to choose a door type.

Electromagnetic Sliding Door Lock

It features an inside pull with a thumb turn and steel hook. In either case, this twist-in sliding door lock helps prevent the lifting or prying of the door. It should keep out intruders that might try to steal my stuff.

This is the product I had by far the best experience with. It’s officially called a sliding door security lock, but it’s basically a barricade. Like the previous type of patio door lock, these are also considered secondary locks, therefore can be quickly and easily installed on an existing door.

It is easily mounted, adjustable and comes with a stopper to go against the jamb. A child proof lock for sliding glass door products need to be reliable and effective at driving children nuts. OKEFAN’s Sliding Glass Door Child Lock fits this description as it has proven to be a deterrent for many determined kids. To tell the truth, there’s not a large selection of smart locks for sliding doors. In fact, there are only a handful of companies that sell these kinds of locks. My favorite sliding door barricade is the one that is manufactured by Nightlock.

It comes with a keyed cylinder lock, hooks in four different lengths, and two keys. You also receive the installation instructions necessary to put everything together. Probably one of the easiest locks to install is the patio door latch, such as this one right here.

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