International Mechanical Code has installation requirements for Duct Smoke Detectors.

Purpose of Duct Smoke Detection National and local security requirements and codes acknowledge the ability of air duct techniques to switch smoke, poisonous gases, and flame from space to area. Sometimes smoke could be of such amount as to be a serious hazard to life safety unless blowers are shut down and dampers are actuated. The primary objective of duct smoke detection is to prevent injury, panic, and property damage by reducing the unfold of smoke. Finally, duct-type smoke detectors normally include a standard production smoke detector and a specially designed enclosure outfitted with a smoke detector mounting base and sampling tube fittings already installed. However, not all detectors are listed for use in a duct smoke detector enclosure that uses sampling tubes.

  • The supervisory signal at a continually attended location just isn’t required where the duct smoke detector activates the building’s alarm-indicating home equipment.
  • Remember, others might be testing the set up, together with the code inspector, fire inspectors, and commissioning folks.
  • I don’t see a 24V transformer in my furnace, all I see is the one labelled 40VAC in the nook of my image.
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  • Engineering drawings sometimes have the placement of installation to adjust to code requirements.

A tube visual indicator should be supplied to point the tube gap location with out dismantling the duct set up. The duct smoke detector enclosure and sampling tubes should be mounted rigidly to stop noise chatter and mechanical fatigue. Air leaks in or out of the duct or detector dilute or redirect smoke throughout the duct. If duct sampling tube protrudes via opposite aspect of duct, seal the opening across the tube on the surface of the duct with duct sealant. After mounting the duct enclosure to the duct and putting in the sampling and exhaust tubes, verify that there is air flow through the duct smoke detector. This is achieved by measuring the static stress difference between the inlet and outlet tubes using a manometer as illustrated in the instrument part of this manual.

If there is some kind of plastic case on the detector, pry it off or unscrew it to access the physique of the duct detector. A check magnet on your particular model often comes with a duct detector whenever you buy it. Detectors shall be listed for operation over the whole range of air velocities, temperature, and humidity anticipated on the detector when the air-handling system is operating. In order to obtain a consultant sample, stratification and lifeless air space ought to be prevented.

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All installation and service of those units have to be carried out by a professional installation and repair agency. Disconnect the power provide earlier than making wiring connections to prevent electrical shock and gear injury. Special necessities for set up and profitable operation make it essential for a trouble-free installation. Remember, others might be testing the installation, including the code inspector, fire inspectors, and commissioning individuals. MAINTENANCE Each set up location should be assessed on its own deserves.

The California Mechanical Code requires duct smoke detectors to be put in in the provide ductwork. In other phrases, duct smoke detectors keep units from circulating smoke in the area and, when attainable, send it outside. Additional smoke detectors shall not be required to be put in in ducts where the air duct system passes via other smoke compartments not served by the duct.

Hidden away inside the HVAC ductwork of economic buildings and a few residential structures, duct smoke detectors serve an necessary role in fireplace security. Fire feeds on oxygen, and the compelled airflow via an HVAC system can contribute to a rapid spread of fireplace and smoke throughout a building. In the occasion of a fire, duct detectors can shut that down, saving lives within the course of. A duct detector is a particular type of sensor that checks air ducts for smoke. They are important as a result of they alert folks that there’s a fire someplace in a constructing and shut down the air circulate in the ducts to stop smoke from spreading. They are always put in on the outside of provide ducts, and the detector has an exhaust valve that sticks within the duct and checks the air inside for smoke.

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Mounting the detector housing in a vertical orientation is acceptable, provided that the air flows instantly into the sampling tube holes as indicated in Figure 4. The supervisory signal at a continuously attended location just isn’t required the place duct smoke detectors activate the building alarm notification home equipment. For more traditional methods, which recycle indoor air, the smoke detector requirement is in place to quickly detect smoke coming from one area of a large business building and to alert different areas inside the giant facility. Safety is the important thing cause why smoke detectors for HVAC techniques are sometimes required. Note, that 100-percent out of doors air techniques of any kind, together with Cambridge Air Solutions tools cannot transport smoke beyond the area of fire origin and are thus exempt from the provisions of this section. Additionally, good technicians will educate themselves on the right installation of a important part.

Another duct detection device will be the gentle beam type detector. This unit performs greatest when using lengthy beam paths, e.g., within the giant plenums rather than small ducts. In air provide techniques with a capacity larger than 2000 CFM’s downstream of the air filters and upstream of any department ducts.

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In most buildings, there are times when the HVAC system isn’t shifting important portions of air from the compartments it serves. Consequently, the fireplace detection system cannot be designed to rely on the HVAC system operation for the transport of smoke to smoke detectors. Slide the tube into the housing bushing that meets the air circulate first. Secure the tube flange to the housing bushing with two #6 self-tapping screws. For tubes longer than the width of the air duct, the tube should lengthen out of the alternative facet of the duct. If there are more than 2 holes within the part of the tube extending out of the duct, select a unique size using Table 1.

These techniques are Typical Floor engineered for the specific Return constructing. They use the building development and air dealing with techniques to comprise and reduce the unfold of smoke. Position holes or openings situated alongside the length of the sampling tube into the air move.

These instructions must even be used in conjunction with the unit Installation and Service Manual initially shipped with the unit, in addition to any other accompanying element supplier literature. I even have learn NEMA’s Privacy Policyand voluntarily consent to the gathering, storage, and use of my personal data supplied to NEMA as described within the Privacy Policy. Supervises the presence of the input energy and removing of the detector head. Another approach to stop getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass.

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More usually, terminal devices are situated remote from the person spaces that they serve. These terminal units may be reheat coils, mixing boxes, variable volume boxes and induction items. Ensure your installer is certified to put in your duct smoke detector based on NFPA standards.

Wiring Diagrams For Duct Smoke Detectors

Then, press “Test” or “Dif” to run your differential pressure take a look at. So long as your outcomes are between 0.01 and 1.2, your detector is receiving sufficient air to register smoke within the duct. Plug the probes into the air valves subsequent to your detector’s sensors.

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Conditioning Section The conditioning section generally consists of a heating coil, a cooling coil, a humidifier or any combination thereof. These coils may be arranged in sequence, in parallel or in a combination of sequence and parallel. The cooling coil lowers the temperature of the air passing via either by utilizing chilled water or direct expansion of a refrigerant gasoline equipped from a distant refrigeration compressor. The heating coil raises the temperature of the air passing via it via steam, scorching water, or electric heaters. Humidifiers add moisture within the form of dry steam directly into the air stream. A humidifier is shut off whenever the system supply fan is not running to avoid moisture harm to the duct system.

If a return duct has 4 branches, each with equal air circulate , then after they join, the concentration shall be lowered to Q/4V. The previous assumes uniform dispersion of particles which represents a perfect situation. In actuality there is nonuniform dispersion and focus can and does vary from no smoke to a very excessive concentration of smoke in a cross-section area of a duct.

Prevent the detector from activating when smoke is current within the air duct. Unless otherwise advised by the producer, count on to switch your smoke detectors each 10 or so years. Test your smoke detector as quickly as a month and have battery backups on hand in case the battery in your smoke alarm unexpectedly dies. This battery operated smoke alarm has the qualities of both photoelectric and ionization detectors, permitting it to detect both gradual smoldering fires and fast-moving fires. Lose their lives to fires, and about 30% of those fatal fires were in properties with no smoke detector. A smoke alarm detects smoke and can assist protect your beloved ones by warning of a possible hearth or serving to you cease one earlier than it begins.

It is designed and built to fulfill all local code necessities, as properly as the NFPA and ICC requirements concerning HVAC provide and return duct smoke detectors. Output terminals are supplied for remote status indicators and test/reset key switches or push buttons. The SL Series includes many options that symbolize true innovations from present generation duct smoke detectors. Our traditional installer/service-friendly approach has been closely adopted and expanded all through the SL Series design. Our attention to detail has yielded a number of “No-Tools Required” options to ease installation and service tasks.


These two smoke detection methods are mixed with an efficient housing design that samples air passing through a duct and permits detection of a developing hazardous condition. When adequate smoke is sensed, an alarm signal is initiated on the hearth control panel monitoring the detector, and acceptable motion could be taken to close off followers, blowers, change over air handling techniques, and so on. These actions can facilitate the management of toxic smoke and fireplace gases throughout the areas served by the duct system.

Code Necessities

A smoke duct detector on the provision side will do two things supplied it is wired and controlled correctly. First, it’s going to ship an alarm to alert the ability operator and maintenance workers. Secondly, it’s going to kill the fan so it doesn’t proceed to spread smoke earlier than catastrophic failure of the fan occurs. If the units are only serving one room and cannot unfold smoke to different areas, this exception would apply and smoke detectors should not be required. Don’t set up smoke alarms near home windows, doors, or ducts where drafts may intrude with their operation.

Do duct detectors have to be monitored?

Bottom line is that if a constructing fire alarm system is not put in, duct smoke detectors shall be stand alone and are not required to be connected/monitored by a devoted perform fireplace alarm system.

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